April 2013

Mark 1:1-13 – Peace and Assurance

When Jesus was baptized God sent the Spirit down upon Him, like a dove descending from heaven. This event would serve Jesus as a source of peace and an assurance of His standing with the Father throughout His ministry. Join us today as we consider how the Holy Spirit brings peace and assurance into our own lives.

Ezekiel 37:1-14 – Direction and Communication

In His efforts to help us understand Him better, God has used some examples from the world around us to help us get a clearer picture of the Holy Spirit. One description that God uses repeatedly is that His Spirit is like a breath or wind. Join us in this study of Ezekiel 37 as together we start to get to know the Holy Spirit!

March 2013

John 14:15-31 – The Other Gift of Easter

Before His death and resurrection, Jesus warned His disciples that He wouldn’t be with them much longer. In doing so, He promised that God would be with them nonetheless, through the gift of the Holy Spirit. Join us for this series introduction as we launch from Easter into a time of getting to know the Holy Spirit.

Romans 8:14-25 – Citizens of Heaven

What’s your address? Not your temporary address, where you live today, but where you will spend eternity? This message from the book of Romans reminds us that this life is temporary and is leading up to something much greater if our identity is in Christ.

Romans 8:31-39 – Victorious

The old hymn tells us that there is victory in Jesus, which paves our way to heaven but also gives us the opportunity to be victorious in the battles we face here and now. Join us as we consider what it means to be “more than a conqueror” in God’s eyes as we think about victorious living from Romans chapter 8.

John 17:6-19 – Sanctified

In order to understand our identity as Christians, its important to acknowledge that God wants to do more than save us from hell–He also wants to make us more like His Son Jesus. In fact, one of the last recorded prayers of Jesus was for our sanctification, which is a concept we are too unfamiliar with in the 21st century. Join us as we explore this part of our identity in Christ from John chapter 17.

Romans 8:1-11, 33-34 – No Longer Condemned

One of the greatest proclamations we can receive is that we are free, forgiven, and no longer facing judgment for the ways we’ve fallen short of God. Verse one of the eighth chapter of Romans tells us that this is the case for those who follow Jesus, that there is now no condemnation for us! Join us as we consider how this information ought to impact our identity in Christ.

February 2013

Galatians 2:11-20 – Redefining Who We Are

This new sermon series begins by asking the question, “Who am I?” We are defined by so many different labels in this world that it can be difficult to remember how God sees us. We find a sense of identity in our work, in our history, in our personal relationships, in our socioeconomic class; where is God supposed to fit in all of that? Join us for this message and consider what it means to allow Christ to be at the center of your identity.

Acts 16 – Freedom Sunday

While people all over the world find themselves in chains, both physically and spiritually, this lesson from the Book of Acts helps us to see how our worship of Christ can help break those chains, both for ourselves and others.

Songs and Stories of Worship

To complete our series on “Why Worship Matters,” we sang together and reflected on the background behind several popular praise and worship songs, ranging from centuries-old hymns to songs released just this year.

January 2013

John 10:1-10 – Fighting our Battle with Worship

Worship is more than just for our enjoyment, more than just something that God desires from us – it is part of what keeps us alive! When we worship, we keep our awareness of God and the presence of His Spirit at the center of our lives. Apart from that, we are liable to feel alone and hopeless in a a world full of turmoil, chaos and confusion. Every day people are losing their battle against discouragement and hopelessness; join us as we consider how worship helps us fight this daily battle as we follow Jesus and His voice.

Isaiah 6:1-8 – An Attitude of Worship

As we read through the Bible, it becomes apparent that God is interested in more than simple obedience – He is interested in the condition of our hearts. Even in the Old Testament, where sacrifice was a regular component of God’s covenant with Israel, He made it clear that one’s attitude in bringing worship or sacrifice was just as important as, if not more important than, the sacrifice itself. This brings up a question as we consider worship’s role in our lives – what is my attitude in worship? What is the condition of my heart when I come before the Lord? Join us in an exploration of Isaiah 6 as we consider what it is to have an attitude of worship.

December 2012

1 Timothy 6:11-16 – Unapproachable Light

Paul’s benediction in his first letter to Timothy suggests that God lives in “unapproachable light.” Unapproachable is not a word we typically use in reference to God, but it does help us to understand the fact that in order for us to have relationship with Him, He had to come to us; we could not approach Him first. And, thankfully, He did so by sending His Son, Jesus. Join us as we dig deeper into this concept from 1 Timothy 6 and consider its implications for our lives.

Luke 2:1-20 – Responding to the Coming Christ: The Shepherds

The shepherds who received word that first Christmas night of the Savior’s birth were left with only one thing they could do – talk about it! The Scriptures tell us that they could not help but tell others about what they had seen and heard. How about you? Are you compelled to tell others about Jesus? Join us as we consider these questions and others as we respond to the coming Christ.

Matthew 2 – Responding to the Coming Christ: King Herod

Pride has been, is and always will be the king of hard hearts when it comes to allowing the Lord to have His way in our lives. Pride tells us to never relinquish control and to defend our sense of authority. One king with a particularly hard heart was Herod, king over the Jews when Jesus was born as the coming King of the Jews. His attitude toward Jesus led him down a dark path, which, if we aren’t careful, we may find ourselves on as well. Listen to this message from Matthew 2 as we consider Herod’s responses to the coming Christ.

Matthew 1:18-25 – Responding to the Coming Christ: Joseph

When Joseph was faced with the news that his fiancee was pregnant and that God was breaking into their lives in a big way, he had some major decisions to make. Would he let this baby Jesus change the course of his life forever or simply lean on his own understanding of the situation and walk away? Joseph had to respond to the realization that allowing Jesus into our lives changes everything. Join us for this study of Matthew 1 as we consider our own response to the coming Christ.

Luke 1:26-56 – Responding to the Coming Christ: Mary

Christmas reminds us that there was a time when a number of individuals first encountered with the baby Jesus, the promised Messiah. Each individual responded in different ways to the Christ child. This brings up one of the most important questions that can ever be asked – how will you respond when you are introduced to Jesus? Join us for this message as we consider how Mary’s response to the coming Christ may inform our own.

November 2012

Luke 12:13-21 – God’s Economy

The economy often takes center stage in any election. Candidates can make or break their campaigns based on their plans for the economy. But what does God have to say about our finances? Join us as we consider this question in the light of Scripture, starting with the parable of the rich fool from Luke 12.


Jeremiah 1:4-10 – The Anatomy of the “Go” Command

October 2012

Romans 12-13 – Democracy or Deity?


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