December 2017

Change of Plans

Just like Mary and Joseph did as a young engaged couple, sometimes we experience major changes in our plans. Changes that we could not foresee coming and that we don’t understand how to handle. The good news of Christmas is that we don’t have to understand the plans to know that God has a purpose.

For Changing the Way We See History

Jesus changes the way we see and understand everything – the world around us, our relationship with God and even our own personal past. Join us as we consider how Jesus has changed the meaning of countless lives throughout history and how He wants to help rewrite your story, starting today.

For Giving Us Everything

As we consider some of the many reasons why the baby born at Christmas deserves our worship, today we’re thinking about a claim from a man who knew Jesus well. Peter’s claim is that our relationship with Jesus provides for us everything we will ever need for a life of godliness. Join us as we worship Christ, the newborn king, for giving us everything we need.

November 2017

For Giving Us Hope

What a strange thing it is to worship a newborn baby! And yet, this is the call of Christmas. Join us for the first Sunday of Advent as we prepare our hearts for the coming of the Christ child, by learning from those who had the privilege of meeting the baby Jesus because they had held onto hope.

All Things

Join us as we consider the implications of Romans 8:28 and the promise that God works through all things in order to bring about good in our lives. These precious promises help us keep the faith as we go through life’s difficulties.

Saved by Grace

Special Guest Ben Hollamby takes us on a journey through the life of Martin Luther and his interaction with the book of Romans as we consider the importance of the Protestant Reformation and the truth that we are saved not by our good works, but by God’s grace, through faith in Christ Jesus.

You’re Not Enough

We spend much of our lives thinking that if we could look a certain way and have a certain lifestyle that it would make us happy, and so we acquire, consume and sweat as much as we can to work our way there. However, life experience and biblical truth teach that you are not enough to fulfill you. In fact, one of the greatest keys to making you happy is to think less of you and more of others.

October 2017


One of the keys to finding happiness in this life is to realize and confess that I can be my own worst enemy and that following my own ideas is never as helpful as following Jesus, who is our Good Shepherd. When we respond to our desire for happiness by pursuing the pleasures of this world we get disappointment instead. It is only when we pursue happiness as Jesus has explained it that we can have both happiness and pleasure.

Happy Money

Is there a connection between money and happiness? Most of us seem to believe so, but it’s not what we think. Join us for Part Four of the series as we look at what Jesus has to say about money and how managing it properly can increase our happiness.

Peace with God

One of the keys to being happy in this life is finding peace, and specifically peace with God. Peace with God makes all other kinds of peace available and possible, which is essential for our happiness. Join us as we consider our obstacles to peace with God and what He has done through Jesus to help us overcome them.


In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus provides for us a description of what it looks like to be happy! Join us as we consider these eight principles and how when we apply them to our daily lives the outcome they bring is happiness.

No Thing

We begin a new sermon series today, borrowed from Pastor Andy Stanley and North Point Church in Atlanta, GA – What Makes You Happy. Have you ever felt like someone stole your joy or like no matter what you try it is difficult to feel and stay happy? We’re going to dig deep into God’s design for us in the coming weeks, with this week’s focus on the reminder that “things” will never bring us lasting happiness.

September 2017

My Life as a Slave

Joining us for Freedom Sunday is Pastor Heritage Munyakuri. Heritage is the pastor of El Shaddai Free Methodist Church in Rochester, NY, but he came to the United States in 2007 from Burundi. In this message Pastor Heritage shares some of his testimony, including some of his stories from being a child soldier.

Through His Word

As a conclusion to our study in hearing God’s voice, we stop to notice that most everything God wants us to hear from Him He has already said and it is recorded in our Bibles. We also take a look at several passages of Scripture that specifically mention God’s will for our lives, which is central to what we are listening for as we hear His voice.

A Little Help From Our Friends

1 Samuel 3 serves as a great example of the fact that sometimes we need others to help us notice the voice of God. Join us for this study in hearing God’s voice in the context of our human relationships.

Hearing the Spirit

In our efforts to better hear the voice of God in our lives, today we turn our attention to John 16 and Jesus’ promise that He would provide someone to minister and speak to us in His absence, the Spirit of truth. Join us as we consider Jesus’ words and the reality that as His followers His Spirit lives inside of us and points us back to Christ.

July 2017

Offering Forgiveness

Our last message in the series calls attention to forgiveness as the key to not spending our energy on pointing fingers or placing blame. The best way for our hearts to heal and move forward is to offer forgiveness. We know this is true because Jesus both taught it and modeled it.

Making the Most of It

There are times in life when we are dealt an unfair hand, when we are faced with circumstances and treatment we do not deserve. In those moments, we have choices to make – will we spend our energy blaming others or make the most of it? Follow along in this study of Genesis 37-39 as we learn from Joseph how to make the most of difficult circumstances.

June 2017

Following God’s Path

We welcomed former pastor and conference superintendent Rev. Mitch Pierce on this date, who brought to us a word from Acts 16 about following God’s path for our lives. Join us for this message as we learn to follow God, by the leading of His Spirit, step by step.

Owning It

Everyone is born with a tendency to want to find fault, place blame and point fingers at others when things go wrong. From the Garden of Eden to now this has been our nature. An honest look at ourselves and at 1 John 1:5-2:2 will help us gain perspective and start owning what is ours.


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