January 2016

Romans 3:9-24 – The Problem of Sin

To begin this series on the topic of salvation, we look to Romans 3 in order to answer preliminary questions about why we need to be saved in the first place. Paul is clear that the problem is sin, and we must take time to understand the problem before we can search for or appreciate the proper solution.

December 2015

Joshua 4 – Making the Most of Miracles

The people of Israel were witness to countless miracles at the hand of the Lord their God. But what good is a miracle if the story of it is missed or forgotten? The story of Israel in Joshua 4 helps us understand why we sometimes miss out on the miracles around us and instructs on how to keep the story alive.


Luke 2:8-20 – The Shepherds

The story of the shepherds in Luke 2 is equal parts incredible and inspiring. This angelic announcement tells us much about our coming Savior, as does the response of the shepherds. Join us as we consider how to apply all of it to our lives this Christmas.
This sermon includes a short skit from The Skit Guys.

Matthew 25:31-46 – The Innkeeper

The innkeeper who opened his door to Mary and Joseph had no way of knowing that the Savior of the world was in his presence. Is it possible that we’ve all had similar encounters before, even without being aware of it? Matthew 25 tells us that the answer to that question is yes.

Luke 1:26-38 – A Special Baby for Joseph and Mary

Despite the claims of so many in this day and age, there has never been and never will be another person like Jesus. The message Mary received from the angel Gabriel clues us in to His unique humanity, His unique divinity and His claim to eternity.

November 2015

Luke 1:1-25 – Preparing the Way

The season leading up to Christmas, which we know as Advent, is in many ways about preparation. It was no different 2,000 years ago. The story of Elizabeth and Zechariah reminds us that God pulled out all the stops in preparing the way for His Son; we are called to no less now.

Hebrews 2:14-15 – Conquering our Fear of Death

The best way to conquer the giant of fear in our lives is to get to the root of it, which Hebrews 2 helps us to identify. Instead of just attacking all of the places where fear springs up in our lives, we must address it’s source, which is our fear of death–death that permeates every area of life.

Esther and Mordecai

One of the greatest tests of our faith comes through moments of great fear, moments in which we have to decide if we are going to act in response to those fears or in response to the convictions of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. A survey through the book of Esther helps us explore this thought.

Joshua 1:1-11 – Joshua Takes Over

When Joshua was called to lead the nation of Israel in place of Moses he needed a pep talk from the Lord, as well as a command, in order to not be afraid or discouraged. Chances are good that you could use that kind of talk too.

October 2015

Romans 12:9-13 – Experiencing Authentic Community

If the first eight verses of Romans 12 established how we ought to think as true disciples of Christ, these next verses start to paint the picture of how we ought to act. Join us as we go verse by verse and learn how to be Christians who look like Christ.

Romans 12:3-8 – A Sober Self-Assessment

One of the first ways we must start thinking differently as God renews our minds (Romans 12:2) is in how we think of ourselves. Have you come to grips with the real you? Do you see yourself as God sees you? Doing so is the only way to answer life’s important questions, like “Who am I?” and “Where do I belong?” Join us as we continue our journey through Romans 12 to answer these questions and more.

September 2015

Romans 12:2 – Don’t Conform, Be Transformed

If we are to truly surrender ourselves to God as living sacrifices, as verse 1 of Romans 12 commands us to, then it will start by us not conforming to this world or the flesh and being transformed by the Spirit through the renewing of our minds.

Romans 12 – Five Key Relationships

In this overview of Romans 12, which we will study throughout this series, we notice five key relationships that impact every area of our lives. It is when we are living according to Romans 12 in these relationships that we can truly be the disciples Jesus is calling us to be.

2 Chronicles 34-35 – Renewing Your Covenant

Don’t we all appreciate a fresh start? A clean slate? We are taking this opportunity to renew our covenant with God, to come to Him for the first time or all over again, as we learn from King Josiah some practical ways that we can get a fresh start for our faith.

August 2015

Ephesians 6:10-20 – The Armor of God

We all face spiritual battles on a daily basis, battles which require that we have spiritual armor at the ready. The Apostle Paul outlines what this looks like in Ephesians 6, so that when we face our enemy we will be ready to stand our ground.

Mark 4:10-12 – Spiritual Blindness

Mark recorded some difficult words from Jesus that He used to explain why He spoke in parables, words that might mislead us to a misrepresentation of Jesus if we don’t look past the surface and get to the heart of our Lord. Join us as we learn how to dig deeper and then do so, learning that there is grace and mercy available in every action of our God.

Genesis 19 – Sodom and Gomorrah

One of the more difficult passages of Genesis to read and understand is the account of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, famous in both Testaments for their sinfulness and corresponding punishment. Join us as we consider the root of their issues and ensure that we are not guilty of the same.

Luke 18 – Transfiguration

The transfiguration of Jesus seems like an odd occurrence at first, but it is really the external evidence of who Jesus was on the inside. How about you? Have you been transformed in such a way that what God is doing on the inside is evident to others?

Acts 8:26-40 – Philip Led by the Spirit

Do you tend to see the paths and unexpected events in your life as random and disruptive, or as ordained and meaningful? Whether you have heard directly from the Lord about which direction to go in or you are just doing the best you can with the faith you have, this message will encourage you to trust the Lord as He orders your steps.

July 2015

The Book of Ruth – Boaz the Avenger

Though the characters from Marvel’s The Avengers are fictional characters, we can all live like an avenger from a biblical perspective. Join us in this study on the lives of Ruth and Boaz to see just what it means to be an avenger and how we can honor Jesus as one.


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