June 2018

Noah – Genesis 6-8

As people on mission for the Lord, ambassadors of the gospel and messengers of God’s love, we sometimes face situations and obstacles that seem like they might be impossible to overcome. Which is why we need constant reminders that we serve a God for whom no mission is impossible. Today we look back toward the […]

May 2018

Victim or Victor?

The Bible has much to say about the fact that through Jesus we as Christians are able to overcome our enemies and our obstacles, conquer anything that stands in our way and experience victory. And yet, many of us, at least in certain seasons of life, feel and act more like victims than those who […]

Hospital or Country Club?

The church of Jesus is not a hospital or a country club – but it should resemble one much more than the other. Join us in our study of Jesus’ words in Luke 5 as we re-calibrate our thoughts about the nature and purpose of the local church.

Consumer or Contributor?

We all come to church with a need to receive, with a desire to be ministered to, but have you have thought of yourself as a minister? According to the model given us in the book of Acts by the early church, we all have specific roles to play and functions to fulfill so that […]

April 2018

An Attitude of Service

A major component of following Jesus, which has been our emphasis all month and in this series, is to adopt the attitude of Jesus. Join us for this study in Philippians 2 as we learn about the attitude of Jesus, what it has to do with us and what difference it makes as we serve […]

Walking Across the Water

In Matthew 14, we read one of the great miracles of Jesus, in which He walks across the Sea of Galilee and out to His disciples. This scene, the setting it occurs in and what happens when Jesus reaches their boat is a treasure trove of lessons for us on what it means to follow […]

Deny Yourself and Take Up Your Cross

One of the most intriguing “follow me” statements of Jesus is that if we want to be His disciples, we have to deny ourselves and take up our cross in order to follow Him. What does that mean and how do we do it? Join us as we explore those questions and more in this […]

Calling All Disciples

It is natural for us to read stories in the Bible about people we consider to be great heroes of the faith and mentally remove ourselves from their company. But the truth is that Jesus constantly surrounded Himself with regular people who only became part of our history because of how relentlessly they followed Him. […]

All the Way Home (Easter Sunday)

The miracle of Easter is that thanks to Jesus’ resurrection, we serve a living Savior! And because He lives, we are able to follow Him through the course of our lives – follow His teaching, follow His example, follow the prompting of His Spirit, and on it goes. As we begin considering what it means […]

March 2018

Prepare the Way

Matthew 21 paints a picture of Jesus entering Jerusalem for the final time, to the welcome and praise of a crowd of people. Many even laid down their coats or cut down palm branches put them across the road to help prepare the way for Jesus to enter. This scene prompts an important question for […]

Forgiveness and Temptation

Our last study on the Lord’s Prayer teaches us to pray about forgiveness and temptation – that God would forgive us as we forgive others, and that God would show us a way out of temptation and away from the influence of evil. 

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Our second study in the Lord’s Prayer takes us to the phrase where Jesus taught us to pray, “Give us this day our daily bread.” Knowing that Jesus often spoke about bread in spiritual terms, using it is an illustration to help us better understand the Kingdom of God, what does He mean when He […]

Our Father in Heaven…

Today we begin a month-long journey through Matthew 6:9-13 and what we have affectionately called “The Lord’s Prayer.” This week’s focus is on verses 9 and 10 as Jesus teaches His followers not just one specific prayer but rather how we might pray.

February 2018

Love Is – Part 3

We can do all of the right things and say all of the right things, but if we do so out of a motivation other than love, we’re falling short and missing out. Join us as we learn from the Pharisees and Sadducees what it looks like when we try to please God without operating […]

Love Is – Part 2

Continuing on in our series, we spend our time this morning in 1 Corinthians 13:5, considering what love, according to the Bible, is not.

Love Is…Part 1

What is love? The world around us and God’s word have two very different definitions. Join us on a study of 1 Corinthians 13 as we explore the meanings and characteristics of godly love.

January 2018


It is important for us, even as people who follow Jesus, to take a look around on a regular basis to see if we are heading in the right directions with our lives or not. Because from time to time we’re going to realize we’ve gotten off course, either intentionally or by mistake, which is […]

There’s Power in the Name

There is no name in heaven or on the earth or under the earth that is greater than the name of Jesus. Join us as we journey through the New Testament and consider the great power that lies in Jesus’ name.

Pursuing Jesus

Though their story in the Bible is brief, the wise men who came to Israel from a distant country to worship Jesus as the king of the Jews give us an example of what it means to pursue Jesus with our whole hearts. By looking at their lives we can take an assessment of our […]

December 2017

Seek His Kingdom

As we begin a new year we often use this time to reconsider our priorities and get first things first in our lives. In Matthew 6, Jesus offers us a way to do just that by putting God’s kingdom and righteousness above all other pursuits, promising that if we will do so, our daily needs […]