May 2018

Victim or Victor?

The Bible has much to say about the fact that through Jesus we as Christians are able to overcome our enemies and our obstacles, conquer anything that stands in our way and experience victory. And yet, many of us, at least in certain seasons of life, feel and act more like victims than those who […]

Hospital or Country Club?

The church of Jesus is not a hospital or a country club – but it should resemble one much more than the other. Join us in our study of Jesus’ words in Luke 5 as we re-calibrate our thoughts about the nature and purpose of the local church.

Consumer or Contributor?

We all come to church with a need to receive, with a desire to be ministered to, but have you have thought of yourself as a minister? According to the model given us in the book of Acts by the early church, we all have specific roles to play and functions to fulfill so that […]