June 2015

Proverbs: Caring for Others

One of the greatest characteristics of the church is our call to care for others. The Book of Proverbs joins with the rest of the Scriptures to clarify this call and put it at the top of our to-do lists – for the sake of everyone involved, for the sake of the Kingdom.

Proverbs 5:1-15 – Avoiding Temptation

We all face temptation, but we don’t all have to fall prey to temptation. Join us in this study to learn how temptation works, why it needs to be fought and how to do so, all from King Solomon’s Proverbs.

Proverbs 3:5-6 – Not Our Understanding

In order for us to actually benefit from the wisdom the Proverbs offer us, we need to make sure our hearts are ready to receive that wisdom and  apply it to our lives. The reminders in Proverbs 3 help us get to that place where we are ready to lean on God’s understanding instead of […]

May 2015

Proverbs 4 – Solomon and the Importance of Wisdom

Before we enter our study to obtain wisdom on specific topics from the Proverbs, it is important for us to understand where they came from, why they are so important to our lives and what we stand to gain from them. Join us for this study rooted in Proverbs 4.