March 2015

John 12 – Prayer According to Palm Sunday

There is much we can learn about our own prayer life by studying the example of the crowds that surrounded Jesus during the week leading up to His crucifixion. As always, it all comes down to our relationship with Him. Which part of the crowd will you be?

Different Types of Prayer

We can increase our effectiveness and power in prayer when we understand the many different ways in which we can pray. Examples of these types of prayer span the Scriptures, starting with the Lord’s Prayer in the gospels.

The Condition of Our Hearts for Prayer

What is the condition of your heart when you come to pray? Have you considered that the condition of your heart is as important to prayer as the words you speak? Pastor Dodi McIntyre continues her series on The Power of Prayer.

John 17 – Praying Great Prayers

While no two prayers are the same, all effective prayer has some elements in common and all of us have the ability to pray in a way that will make a difference in the kingdom of God. Learn from Jesus’ prayer in John 17 how we can start praying in greater ways.