November 2016

Exercise Your Spiritual Muscles

If the church ever appears weak or flimsy, it is likely because we as its members have not been exercising our spiritual muscles! God has given us a Spirit of power and love and self discipline, we don’t always use the gifts He has given us. Join us as we explore spiritual gifts and receive […]

September 2016

Political Relations

In this season of heightened political tension, how do we as Christians respond? What are our responsibilities and what do we need to steer clear of? Join us as we use some advice from John Wesley as a framework in considering these questions and more.

July 2016

The Spirit of Peace

How do we find peace in the midst of tumultuous circumstances? How can we experience peace on the inside when we our physical, spiritual, emotional and financial worlds are being attacked from the outside? Jesus both teaches us and shows us the way.

May 2016

Seeking Restoration

How do you handle it when conflict arises? What is our role in fighting a good fight? Join us as we learn from Galatians 6 and Matthew 18.

April 2016

Sharing His Holy Spirit

Jesus continued to do the miraculous even after His resurrection, including appearing to the disciples in a locked room to impart the Holy Spirit to them and give them the gift of discernment.

December 2015

Joshua 4 – Making the Most of Miracles

The people of Israel were witness to countless miracles at the hand of the Lord their God. But what good is a miracle if the story of it is missed or forgotten? The story of Israel in Joshua 4 helps us understand why we sometimes miss out on the miracles around us and instructs on […]

August 2015

Luke 18 – Transfiguration

The transfiguration of Jesus seems like an odd occurrence at first, but it is really the external evidence of who Jesus was on the inside. How about you? Have you been transformed in such a way that what God is doing on the inside is evident to others?

April 2015

Mark 7:1-23 – Clean and Unclean

This parable of Jesus causes us to ask if we have made the law of God or our good works more important than our relationship with God. Are we working to appease God and please others, or out of the overflow of our love for God and the love we’ve received from Him?

March 2015

John 12 – Prayer According to Palm Sunday

There is much we can learn about our own prayer life by studying the example of the crowds that surrounded Jesus during the week leading up to His crucifixion. As always, it all comes down to our relationship with Him. Which part of the crowd will you be?

Different Types of Prayer

We can increase our effectiveness and power in prayer when we understand the many different ways in which we can pray. Examples of these types of prayer span the Scriptures, starting with the Lord’s Prayer in the gospels.

The Condition of Our Hearts for Prayer

What is the condition of your heart when you come to pray? Have you considered that the condition of your heart is as important to prayer as the words you speak? Pastor Dodi McIntyre continues her series on The Power of Prayer.

John 17 – Praying Great Prayers

While no two prayers are the same, all effective prayer has some elements in common and all of us have the ability to pray in a way that will make a difference in the kingdom of God. Learn from Jesus’ prayer in John 17 how we can start praying in greater ways.

September 2014

Romans 12:1 – Planned for God’s Pleasure

God longs for our love, He longs for our worship, He longs for our thanks and, most of all, for our very lives. What would it look like if we gave everything to God and acknowledged Him in all things, just as He longs for us to do? This is part of our purpose, because […]

August 2014

1 Peter 2:13-25 – Willing to Suffer

God’s will for us, His children, has more to do with our character than our comfort. Following the example of Jesus, we learn from much of the book of 1 Peter that sometimes to be in God’s will means to endure suffering for His name’s sake.

June 2014

Revelation 7:9-17 – Made to Worship

How would you define worship? Is it a small part of your life, or does it define you? Join us in our study of Revelation 7 as we consider the focus of our eternal life and think about how worship can impact our every moment of today.

April 2014

John 15:1-8 – I Am the True Vine

What does it mean to be connected to Jesus? To stay connected? Join us as we study John 15 and Jesus’ claim to be the vine.

February 2014

Hebrews 11:31 – Rahab

When faced with life’s circumstances, we are often given a choice: trust God, or not. Hebrews 11 touches on the story of Rahab, a seemingly unlikely candidate to be mentioned in the same biblical breath as Moses, Abraham and Noah. But because she trusted God when others did not, it’s her kind of faith that […]

November 2013

Matthew 28:16-20 – Go

While only some are gifted as evangelists, every Christian is called, equipped and qualified to be a witness. Join us as we consider the implications one of Jesus’ last commands and His great commission, to go and make disciples.

October 2013

Galatians 5:22-23 – Harvesting Patience, Faithfulness and Self-Control

How are you when it comes to patience? How about faithfulness or self-control? Join us as we consider the Scriptures and the life of Jesus as we look to harvest these next three fruits of the Spirit in our lives.

February 2013

Acts 16 – Freedom Sunday

While people all over the world find themselves in chains, both physically and spiritually, this lesson from the Book of Acts helps us to see how our worship of Christ can help break those chains, both for ourselves and others.